Coffee Shop

Welcome to Safai, the premiere coffee shop located in the heart of the Highlands of Louisville, Kentucky.  We proudly serve hand crafted specialty-grade coffee beverages, as well as numerous gourmet treats.  Do you like something bold and rich, or maybe sweet and foamy?  Our highly experienced baristas are excited to help you create your new favorite drink.

Organic Microlot grade coffees are the most premium coffee beans on earth.  Mike tastes thousands of cups before making his selection.  Once discovered, he purchases the farmer’s entire yield for the year. This supports financial security for the farmers and their families, and provides exclusivity to our loyal customer base.  

Mike has found that the best brewing method to showcase each varietal’s distinct characteristics is the “pourover”.  Individually ground and prepared, pourovers guarantee ultimate freshness.   Our barista’s passion for quality ensure love is poured into every cup.

Made fresh to order, our crepe menu offers a selection of sweet and savory delights.  You can choose from our signature menu or design your own creation.  Paired with a coffee, tea or glass of wine, crepes make a great treat for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

We welcome all walks of life!

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